Hangar Info: Oakland/Troy Airport
Oakland County, MichiganAirportHangar Info: Oakland/Troy Airport

Hangar Info: Oakland/Troy Airport

Oakland/Troy Airport has 138 T-Hangars and 40 open, asphalt tie-downs for general aviation aircraft.  Open tie-downs are available. All spaces are leased on a month to month agreement.
5% discount offered to tenants paying 12 months in advance
In 2006 the Oakland County Airport Committee voted to allow a 5% discount to tenants paying 12 months T-Hangar or tie-down rent in advance.  Persons interested in taking advantage of this discount should contact Airport Administration.
Gate Code Changes
Gate codes are changed every March and September.  New code information will arrive by U.S. Mail in January and July or can be obtained by lessee appearing in-person at airport administrative offices.  Photo identification will be required.  If there are partners in hangars, only the person receiving the invoice will receive the new code information. 
T-Hangar Leasing Process
Hangar possession and occupancy requires that the aircraft be registered in the individual's name or that of their company (Articles of Incorporation or legal partnership agreement must be provided). Additionally, an executed lease agreement, first and last month's rent plus a $50 lock deposit, proof of insurance and proof of registration with the State of Michigan must be submitted.
T-Hangar Lease Agreement
T-Hangar Lease
Tie-down Lease Agreement
Tie-down Lease
T-Hangar Waiting List
Currently there is no wait to obtain a T-Hangar at Oakland/Troy Airport.  Contact Airport Administration for rental details. 
T-Hangar Waiting List Policy
We currently do not have a waiting list for T-Hangars.  
When the waiting list is in effect, vacant hangars will be offered to persons on the waiting list.  An application may be filed with Airport Administration. At the time of application, a refundable deposit of $150.00 will be required.  Upon signing of lease, $150.00 will be credited to the first months rent.   Deposits can be paid by Visa, Mastercard, check or cash.  A confirmation will be given in writing for the applicant's records and it is their responsibility to keep Airport Administration apprised of current contact information in order that we may contact them immediately should a vacancy occur.  We will make every attempt to contact eligible persons by telephone.  If we do not received a response within 72 hours we will move to the next eligible applicant.  We will send a letter informing you of your eligibility and asking if you would be interested in the next available hangar.  If there is no response to our written inquiry, your name will be removed from the list.  Positions on the waiting list shall not be transferred, traded or sold.
T-Hangar Rates and Dimensions:

42' hangar
(41' 8" x 33')
  • 12' door height
  • $294 & $335 per month
  • electric not included

44' hangar (43' 8" x 38')

  • 14' door height
  • $340 per month
  • electric not included


  • Asphalt tie-down
  • $65 per month