Hangar Info, Rental & Services
Oakland County, MichiganAirportHangar Info, Rental & Services

Hangar Info, Rental & Services

/aviation/assets/images/hangar.jpgT-Hangars are currently available at the following airports:

Oakland County International (Waterford)
42' and 44' available

Oakland/Southwest (New Hudson)
standard (896 square feet) and corner (1088 square feet) available. 

Oakland/Troy (Troy)
42' and 44' available

Persons interested in renting a T-hangar should contact Airport Administration at 248-666-5980 or via e-mail.

In 2006, the Oakland County Airport Committee voted to allow a 5% discount to T-Hangar and Tie-down tenants paying 12 months rent in advance. Persons interested in taking advantage of this discount should contact Airport Administration.

Make payments with Visa, MasterCard and Discover (T-Hangar, tie-down and Customs fee payments):

We are happy to provide dumpsters for our tenants' use, but they are for aviation related refuse only.  They are not to be used for household trash/building supplies/furniture, etc. The privilege is being abused and if the abuse continues, we will be forced to remove the dumpsters entirely and you will be responsible for removing your own trash from the airport. The misuse is a violation of your airport lease and can be grounds for termination.  Please...we ask for your cooperation so that we may continue to provide this service.