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Local Government Critical Infrastructure Grant

Oakland County is pleased to announce the Local Government Critical Infrastructure Planning Grant. This competitive grant will provide financial assistance to Oakland County CVT's for project planning, engineering, analysis, and other related professional services.

Funding will be matched by local communities to support the pre-planning and engineering analysis/studies necessary to apply for CWSRF/DWSRF infrastructure project funding. The approval of the federal physical infrastructure bill promises to deliver a significant influx of funding to these programs and our communities will be better positioned to access this funding to implement project plans.

The grant bidding process will run from Dec 20, 2021 to March 31, 2022, and the maximum grant amount is $100K.

The goal is to have grants scored and awarded by April 22, 2022 (see below for timeline)

  • 12/20 – Grant opens
  • 3/31/2022 – Grant Closes
  • 04/12/2022 – Grant reviews completed
  • 04/15/2022 – Committee meets to review recommendations
  • 04/22/2022 – Grant award notifications begin
  • Fiscal years 2022-2023 – Work completed on Royal Oak Township

The WRC will be providing recommendations for the scoring of this competitive grant. Click here for the scoring matrix. 

To apply for this grant, click here
Standard inter-local Agreement 
Local Government Critical Infrastructure Grant Information

PLEASE NOTE:  Applying, not applying, denial, awarding, and/or accepting this competitive grant does not provide any guarantee of qualifying for other future grants.

For any questions regarding this grant, please email Marcus Pearson at pearsonm@oakgov.com or call at 248.858.0593