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Senior Centers Matching Grant

Oakland County is using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to assist senior centers with improvement such as capital, technology, infrastructure, and equipment improvements or professional development. The grants will award up to $250,000 in matching funds to senior centers and nonprofit senior organizations located in Oakland County.

"Our senior community centers play a vital role for older adults, offering opportunities for socialization, nutrition, recreation, and education," said Commissioner Kristen Nelson (D-Waterford Twp.).  This grant opportunity will greatly assist senior centers in growing their capacity to meet identified community needs, including access to computers, internet and training, professional development, and infrastructure improvement projects."

The Senior Centers Grant Program is part of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners' $8.5 million for Oakland Together Seniors Initiative which was unanimously approved on September 1 with Resolution #22-280.

The coronavirus pandemic has had detrimental impacts on the social and emotional well-being of seniors in Oakland County. The virus's impact on older adults went beyond a higher risk for serious infection. It also included limited access to care for all health conditions, as well as considerable social and economic hardships.

"Using CARES Act funds in 2020, we reimbursed senior centers for pandemic related expenses, but with these funds we are making future-focused investments to improve the quality of life of our older residents," said County Executive David Coulter.


  • Matching funds may include in-kind, past, current, or future investment in senior centers, recreational facilities for senior activities, or other investments providing long-term benefits to senior residents.


  • Projects must be eligible under the United States Treasury guidelines for American Rescue Plan funding.  
  • Must describe how the proposal in your application to the Senior Centers Grant Program funding will be used to making long-term improvements for the senior citizens in your community. 
  • Must describe the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and how that impacted your plans under this grant. 
  • Must include implementation plan and timeline for grant funding.
  • The maximum grant amount is up to $250,000.   
  • The local governments or senior centers must provide a one-to-one match for this grant. Please see the definition of a qualified match.
  • Grant funding categories include capital, technology, infrastructure, equipment Improvements, and professional development. 
  • In accordance with the ARPA reporting required of the county, grantees shall submit quarterly reporting to Oakland County on use of the grant funds. A template will be provided to grantees. 
  • Grantees shall submit a final report by the end of the agreement or within 30 days after Project completion, whichever date is sooner, on the grant funds including: 
    • Project completion report. 
    • Full accounting of its expenditure of grant funds. 
    • Certification of its use of grant funds and fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement. 
    • Funds received from this grant must be used by December 31, 2026. 


  • 10/31/2022 Grant Opens
  • 11/14/2022 Grant Informational Meeting
  • 11/28/2022 Second Grant Information Meeting
  • 12/9/2022 Grant Closes 
  • 1/16/2023 Grant Notification Letters
  • 2/6/2023 Funds will be distributed after approval from Board of Commissioners 


To be determined


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Additional information:


Senior Matching Grant Informational - Nov 14.pptx - Powerpoint presention from informational meeting


Senior Matching Grant Informational - Nov 28 - Copy.pdf - Powerpoint presention from information meeting

For any questions regarding this grant, please email Kenneth Dobson at Dobsonk@oakgov.com or call at (248) 858-0485.