Network Benefits

​Want to make connections? Use these forms to Be a Featured Company, Join the Network, Be a Speaker and Host an Event.
​Looking for talent or want to help promote future talent?
MI Talent: Oakland County Michigan Works! can help you find talent and develop your own.
Email MI Works: email our special contact at MI Works to find talent or a new career
Apprenti Partner Brochure: The Apprenti Corporate Partner Brochure outlines the Apprenti apprenticeship process. Also see the Apprenti Process Flyer.
Apprenti Presentation: Apprenti Overview Presentation, learn how Apprenti helps promote future talent and talent acquisition.
Apprenticeship Book: Check out the guide and contact your nearest MiWorks! Office to learn how to grow your own talent and about current apprenticeship opportunities.
Apprenti Apprenticeship: Unlike conventional career pathways, Apprenti takes the stress and uncertainty out of your future. When you are accepted into our program — congratulations, you’re already hired. Your paid training will be specifically tailored to you and a high-tech position will be waiting for you when you finish. If you thought your dream job was out of reach, think again.
Google CS First: a free web-based program that introduces students, grades 4-8, to computer science. Check out the video below to learn more.
MiCareerQuest: an innovative, hands-on career expo for high school students, teachers and counselors to learn about today's hottest jobs from working professionals

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