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The Global Center of Innovation M​aximizing the growth potential of the health care and life science sectors in Southeast Michigan.​ ​​

Who We Are

Medical Main Street®, powered by Oakland County, is your partner into the life science, biotechnology, pharmacology and health care industries in Southeast Michigan. Medical Main Street is a no-cost network of health care and life sciences leaders in the health related industries. Our Medical Main Street staff can get you connected today.

What We Offer

Southeast Michigan is a dynamic area to launch or expand your medical technology business. If you are looking to commercialize a medical device or biotechnology, conduct medical research or have a product or service that serves the health care marketplace, we will help you make valuable connections. Medical Main Street helps you find resources to ensure your company's success.​​

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Global Appeal

Located ​at the heart of the NAFTA corridor and as the capitol of U.S. manufacturing, Michigan’s supply chain and logistics network combines global know-how and on-going innovation. Oakland County is home to more than 1,000 foreign-owned firms from 39 countries. 57 percent of all Fortune 500 companies have at least one business location in Oakland County.

The region has the busiest international borde​r crossing in North America. Air commerce is easily accessible from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Oakland County International Airport and Bishop International.

Michigan offers one of the best pro-business environments in the country. We have been ranked one of the Top 10 states for corporate tax competitiveness due to our simple, fair, and efficient six percent corporate income tax and $500 million in annual business savings through the elimination of industrial personal property tax. 

The Detroit region’s cost of living is 4.7 percent below the national average. And Michigan has lower labor costs in relation to California, Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois.​




There are nearly 4,700 life science and health care firms located​ in Oakland County.

Michigan’s medical device sector has grown nearly 20 percent over the last decade and achieved a Top Ten ranking nationally based on number of companies. 

Michigan is home to 2​​40 medical device firms and ranks ninth in the U.S. for medical device manufacturing. 

​Two of the country's largest health systems and four of Michigan's largest health systems are located in Oakland County.​


Venture Capital Environment

There are currently 129 venture-backed companies located in Michigan, a 70% increase in the last five years.

There was nearly $876 million in capital investment located in Michigan 2014.​​​


Access to Technical Talent

Oakland County and Southeast Michigan have among the highest concentration of engineering graduates nationally.

Nearly 100,000 workers employed in the health care and life science industry in Oakland County.

Employment in the health care and life science industry has grown eight percent since 2009.

Southeast Michigan universities award 12,000 science and engineering degrees and/or certificates ​annually​​.​​


Research and Development

Oakland County is home to more than one third of the state’s R & D facilities 

Michigan universities spend over $2.25 billion per year on R & D 

 With more than 3,800 patents awarded annually, the region has the first U.S. Patent Office outside of Washington D.C. ​​​


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