One Stop Ready
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One Stop Ready

​​​​The One Stop Ready (OSR) Program encourages communities to capitalize on their strengths and refine their economic development processes for the purpose of implementing their community vision.
Program Overview

Being ready for economic and community development is not simply approving projects. It means understanding the effects of leadership, processes and deadlines; and implementing a culture of collaboration with community stakeholders, businesses, developers, residents and resources.

The One Stop Ready program encourages communities to think of themselves in the context of a developer, a business or a resident making a decision to locate, or invest, in their community. How do they perceive the community? Why have they chosen this location? What are their deadlines?

One Stop Ready Program in the News

Communities wishing to become One Stop Ready follow a clear and proven path of continuous improvement, based on the components of the program including:

​Program Components

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One Stop Ready Academy, Community officials and staff participate in three, 2-hour long, interactive learning sessions. The sessions cover fundamental ways communities can be strategic in making economic development decisions.

All OSR communities attend the same sessions. This begins community information sharing and builds mutual awareness and appreciation for each others strengths and barriers.
Best Practices, Throughout the program a community's economic development readiness will be strengthened by implementing and/or refining a set of tools and strategies.

The OSR Program has five core tools and strategies that are considered best practices. In one year, the goal is to document and evaluate how current community operations align with best practices; and to determine and improve how tools and strategies are being employed.

The county and community liaisons with assistance from Oakland County Business roundtable representatives will collaboratively document & evaluate and refine & monitor the impact of the best practices.

Oakland County assists with your marketing by providing a platform to promote your best available properties and the services you provide. The OSR Community Showcase is an excellent opportunity to reach a broad market of investors, developers and bankers. With the OSR Property Showcase Catalogue, your community will experience wide exposure and an enduring presence int he market.

A business with the greatest product in the world won't maximize their success if no one knows about the business, or their product. The same thinking applies to communities. Information about a community's One Stop Ready status and the tools and strategies being employed will be shared with residents, investors and brokers.

One Stop Ready Forum,

All One Stop Ready community and county liaisons meet twice during the program year and in addition to the classes. The meetings are intended to share successes, identify problems and improve the OSR program.