One Stop Ready Best Practices
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One Stop Ready Best Practices

One Stop Ready Best Practices

A Method to Evaluate Your Community's Best Practices

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Communities can evaluate their performance relative to the five One Stop Ready best practices below:

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Pre-Application Meetings,

Pre-Application MeetingsPrior to formal application, the community provides the applicant an opportunity to meet with
necessary staff and consultants to review the proposal. Timeline of the entire process and critical decision points are clearly defined. Potential problem areas are identified upfront.

The appropriate mix of staff and consultants attending pre-application meetings (e.g., Planner, Engineer,
Attorney, Supervisor, DDA Administrator, Economic Development Coordinator, Police and Fire, other appropriate contractors and consultants etc.) will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. A determination must be made on who will attend the pre-application meeting in order to adequately address
site and building questions.

Internet Accessibility,

Internet AccessibilityCommunity website provides access to necessary development information including applications and fee schedules; plans, ordinances, regulations and maps; and adopted policies.

One Stop Ready communities have the items listed in the evaluation form on their website.

Proactive Project Tracking,

Proactive Project TrackingTo meet the applicant's timeline, community staff takes a proactive approach to keep the project on target - from application through occupancy - by ensuring that the applicant is aware of submission requirements and key decision dates.

Clear and Efficient Permitting Processes,

Clear and Efficient Permitting ProcessesA clear and efficient permitting process can help advance or accelerate the development process in order to take advantage of opportunities and to meet applicant and project deadlines.

Business/Community Input,

Business/Community InputThe community has processes in place to gather input from businesses and other stakeholders to identify potential problems and gather suggestions. This can be community led or led by some business organization like the Chamber, Downtown Association or other business organization.