All collection events for 2018 are completed.

Please check back in February for information on the 2019 NoHaz program.

North Oakland Household Hazardous Waste Program​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The NoHaz Consortium is a group of Oakland County communities that have come together to provide residents with a safe, reliable and environmentally-responsible way to dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW).   These wastes are the substances in your home that can be harmful to humans and the environment if not disposed of properly.   Each year, NoHaz schedules collection events to provide disposal opportunities for residents of the member communities.  Many NoHaz communities charge residents a fee or require residents to present a voucher at the event.   Please check NoHaz Member Communities for the requirements of your community.  

Scroll down for details on NoHaz Collection Event schedule and locations, member communities and answers to frequently asked questions, see links below.

  • Learn more by reading our brochure​
  • Bring this completed form to our next Collection Event: 201​8 NoHaz Registration Form
  • Most NoHaz communities require residents to pay $10 or $15 at the event; others require residents to present a community-issued (paid or free) voucher.  Residents of non-member communities may participate in NoHaz Collection Events for a $50 fee, paid by cash or check at the event. 
  • Contact your city, village or township offices to see if another disposable program is available to you; or refer to the map to see what disposal options may be offered in your community: Program Map

Current Year Member Communities

Sixteen communities are currently members of NoHaz.  ​​Each community sets the fee for its residents.  Contact your city, village or township office to ask if another HHW program is available; or refer to the Program Map to determine what program is offered in your community. 

If you are a resident of one of the voucher communities, please contact your community offices for specific details.​​
Addison Township - $10​
Groveland Township - $10
Independence Township- $10
Lake Angelus – Free*
Lake Orion Village - Free​
Leonard Village - $10
Oakland Township - $10
Orion Township - Free
Oxford Township - Free*
Oxford Village - Free*

Pontiac - Free
Rochester – Free
Rochester Hills - $10
Rose Township - $10  
Springfield Township - $10
Waterford Township - $15**

* With voucher, available at city/township/village or collection event. 
** Voucher required, limited quantities available. Residents encouraged to purchase voucher at township hall prior to event. Call Waterford Township Environmental Services at 248-674-6240 to check availability.

Frequently Asked Questions​

​Find out more about NoHaz and attend a Collection Event.​