OSR Academy

One Stop Ready AcademyOne Stop Ready community elected/appointed officials and staff are encouraged to participate interactive learning sessions.  The sessions cover fundamental ways communities can be strategic in making economic development decisions.

Academy Programming 2019

​One Stop Ready Community Showcase 2019

November 1, 2019Community Showcase Book of Properties

For Investors, Bankers, Developers, Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Homebuilders, Business Representatives and Property Owners.

This annual event connects you with municipal and economic development leaders in one place to discuss how to get your project moving and delivered on time.

You will see a range of properties from a variety of classifications and learn the advantages of partnering with a community utilizing One Stop Ready best practices.

Attendees receive a book on each of this year’s featured properties.

One Stop Ready Community Showcase 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

One Stop Ready 2019: Spatial Technology Tools For Communities

September 6, 2019

Get an executive summary on what spatial technology and training is available to your community to achieve high performance and continuous improvement.

Information Will Benefit:

• Elected and Appointed Officials
• City Managers
• Planners
• GIS Users

Track One: Overview of Geographic Information Services (GIS) products and services available to communities through Oakland County’s IT Department
You will learn about GIS and how to access free spatial data and applications that are available to your community. Hear how the county’s IT department can assist communities during office hours with GIS services and training.

Track Two: Applying GIS technology to support community planning initiatives
Hear why mobile data collection is important. See demonstrations of mobile data collection applications and what can be done with that data once it’s collected. Learn how the county can assist communities in implementing common solutions (e.g., sidewalk, tree, community feature inventories, etc.) by using ArcGIS Online.

Track Three: Applying GIS technology to support economic development
See a demonstration of the Development Planning Explorer application implemented by Independence Township. Learn how Oakland County’s Department of Economic Development & Community Affairs can assist communities with market research.

One Stop Ready 2019: An Investor's Perspective

July 24, 2019

Get a view from the other side of the counter. Learn what entrepreneurs and developers need so that your community becomes a preferred location for investment now and in the future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Factors that influence investment decisions
  • Community practices that make or break a deal
  • Communicating clearly
  • Attitude matters

Master Planning for Your Community’s Long-Term Health

Team presented by experts from the Michigan Association of Planning (MAP) and the Oakland County Health Department (OCHD), this session covers how local communities can  incorporate healthy-related strategies into their master planning process and how Oakland County aligns with community partners to address complex health issues.


  • Wendy Rampson, AICP, Director of Programs and Outreach for the Michigan Association of Planning (MAP)
  • Leigh-Anne Stafford, Health Officer of Oakland County Health Division (OCHD)
  • Carolyn Hribar, Supervisor of Planning and Evaluation, of Oakland County Health Division (OCHD)

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