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Main Street is not just a label; it's a commitment to the Four Point Approach. Main Street Oakland County staff and partner organizations offer a wealth of services and trainings to benefit Main Street communities. There are also certain requirements, particularly for the Select Level communities.

 Upcoming Workshops and Events

2019 MSOC Events and Materials

DDA Refresh: Best Practices to Keep your Community in Compliance
and in the Know

Date: 09/26/19

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) laws, rules and regulations have been in flux over the past few years in Michigan. Changes to reporting, who can opt in and out, and other facts every DDA should know have come fast and furious. This workshop provides an overview on the best practices to keep your local DDA in compliance and in good standing with the State of Michigan, including:

  • What's new
  • Actions to avoid
  • DDA Boards and training
  • TIF law - PA 57
  • Updating your TIF Plan and Downtown Development Plan
  • Strengthening your partnership with your city and council
  • Creating a plan and sticking to it
  • Involving the right stakeholders
  • What the best functioning DDA's have in common

Event Materials:

Resolving Conflict on Main Street: The Art of Effective Communication

Date: 06/19/19

Tips and best practices to strengthen communication with staff, board members, local leaders and volunteers.
Learn how to improve your communication and reduce conflict – while producing better results for your community and strengthening your relationships with stakeholders.

Event Materials:

MSOC Benefits & Services

With its three-tiered program, Main Street Oakland County offers a variety of services to meet the needs of all Oakland County downtowns and commercial districts.  Benefits and services are available based on level of eligibility.​​​
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