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​Trail and Transportation Planning

​Trail and Transportation Planning

Active trail and pathway planning has been going on in Oakland County for more than 40 years. This resulting non-motorized network is envisioned to serve a diverse range of users of all ages and abilities, to promote active and healthy lifestyles and to provide safe and well-maintained linkages to important natural, cultural and civic destinations and other points of interest within and outside the county. The 61 communities in Oakland County represent a cross section of urban to suburban to rural. There are a variety of non-motorized facilities that exit and are planned to create a connected system of greenways and trails across the landscape.


Planning staff can assist local communities and trail groups with completing grant applications, public input workshops and surveys, trail concept design and mapping.  Contact us today to get started!​

In the meantime, use the Trail Planning Checklist and Trail Tracki​ng​​ to help communities identify components of a trail/path network and link into the Oakland County Trail Network.​


Annually (sometimes biannually), Oakland County partners with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and local communities to provide American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Bike Facility Design Training and Walkability Reviews.  We are happy to provide a customized training.​

 Non-Motorized Resources

Contact us for more information about our Non-motorized, Trail and Transportation Planning programs and upcoming networking opportunities.​