Training Programs

Training Programs

​​Training ProgramsFind out ways to learn certain trades and decide what types of training will work best for you.​ Although most skilled trade professions don't require a four year degree, you do need a mix of talent, experience and possibly a certification or license. Certifications and licenses often can be obtained in less than a year. Many skilled trades can be learned through apprenticeships or short-term training. Tuition assistance also may be available. Some training programs even offer college credits. Vocational schools, career colleges and technical schools can save you money and time when compared to the expense of earning a two or four year diploma.

Training Opportunities

Search career options by County, Occupation and Education Level in Michigan. 

Oakland Schools Technical Campuses

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Oakland County Michigan Works! Apprenticeship information page.

Guide to​ Apprenticeships

 A comprehensive guide to apprenticeships available in Oakland County.

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