Leyanna Torres, 32

​​Principal Product Engineer NAOSS Packaging Manager

Leyanna Torres

Leyanna Torres is a truly dynamic and well respected trailblazer within her field as a principal product engineer specializing in vehicle packaging and process. She has made a name for herself as a leader and innovator.

At age 33, she has earned a reputation as a disciplined, demanding, intelligent and well organized engineering manager for her team which spreads across North America, managing six plants and various employees spread across three countries. She helps reduce operational costs while improving organizational performance.

She's always upbeat and enthused despite being faced with the enormous daily responsibility of ensuring that automotive safety systems make it from the company to the original equipment manufacturer assembly line safely and intact.

Despite her hectic career, she volunteers at her children's schools in Rochester, as well as her local chapter of her college alumni group, The Metro Detroit Spartans. In addition, she has initiated a mentorship of young girls in the Oakland County area as well as plentiful service to other local charities. She is also generous with her charitable contributions to local causes.

Leyanna is of humble beginnings, having been born and raised on Detroit's east side. She put herself through Michigan State University with a bachelor's of Science in Packaging Engineering and subsequently earned an MBA at the University of Phoenix.

The information presented here was accurate as of January 1, 2017.