Kathryn Tuck, 37

Director of Foundation Giving
Leader Dogs for the Blind

Kathryn Tuck

Kathryn Tuck joined Leader Dogs for the Blind in 2011 as the manager of foundation giving after 10 years of development and advocacy across all sectors, inclusive of two years as a grant maker with the State Justice Institute.

In her time with Leader Dog, foundation giving has exceeded its goals four out of five grant cycles, including several years totaling more than $1 million in revenue. Under her leadership, the foundation phase of the Campaign for Leader Dog, Canine Development Center generated over $950,000 across 16 different foundation grants.

In 2015, Tuck was named a Next Gen Fellow by Exponent Philanthropy. Her grantsmanship directly resulted in Leader Dog's selection as the 2013 Mutual of America Community Partnership award winner, which also saw them win two bronze Telly Awards. She was responsible for securing two significant endowments, including the Edward T. and Ellen K. Dryer Orientation and Mobility Internship and Berger Working Team Veterinary Care Fund, which have a dramatic impact on clients and canines alike.

Besides her position at Leader Dogs, she is a consultant to public sector grant makers and she volunteers hundreds of hours with grassroots nonprofits that are vital to her community and close to her heart.

She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, received her master's degree from Central Michigan University, recently completed Michigan State University's Community Engagement Program, and is pursuing doctoral studies. Tuck resides with her family in Howell.

The information presented here was accurate as of January 1, 2017.