Andrew Kurecka, 30

​​Manager of Outcomes Research
MedNetOne Health Solutions

Andrew Kurecka

Andrew Kurecka is manager of outcomes research at MedNetOne Health Solutions a physician's organization with approximately 1,000 providers. He plays an integral role in improving patient outcomes and experience while reducing cost across the organization.

Andrew received his undergraduate degree from Oakland University, receiving a bachelor's of health sciences degree, with a concentration in exercise science. He received his graduate degree from OU, as a member of the inaugural Master of Public Health program.

Andrew started as an intern at MedNetOne in 2014 and was hired full-time, after completion of his MPH program. Through MedNetOne, Andrew helped create "MiEYEs," a telemedical traveling method to capture retinal eye exams for patients with Type 2 Diabetes. "MiEYEs" can also target underserved patients/communities to ensure patients with diabetes, who would otherwise not receive an annual retinal eye exam, have access to the test.

Andrew is a practicum preceptor at MedNetOne and has helped manage and mentor undergraduate students from the University of Michigan Dearborn, and Madonna University's Population Health Care Management program and OU's MPH program. Andrew represents MedNetOne on the board of directors of the Michigan Primary Care Consortium, a member of the Measurement and Reporting Team/Data Users Group for the Greater Detroit Area Health Council, a finalist for the 2015 cohort of the Presidential Management Fellows Program in Washington D.C., and a member of OU's School of Health Sciences inaugural Advisory Board. He recently joined the Access to Care Committee to assist Energizing Connections for Healthier Oakland (ECHO), a countywide health improvement initiative with outreach activities to Michigan's Physician Organizations.

The information presented here was accurate as of January 1, 2017.