Christopher Martella, 37

Kemp Klein Law Firm

Christopher MartellaWhile a senior at Michigan State University and on a study abroad program in Hong Kong, Christopher Martella and three other students founded a software company that converted traditional webpages into pages that can be viewed on a cell phone. They sold the company to a regional mobile phone operator after only a year of operation. After a brief foray in retail, Martella attended law school and upon completion, accepted a position with a law firm in Kuwait where he was the first American associate attorney in the firm's international office. He helped grow the firm to the largest international practice group in the Kuwait. While in the Middle East, he became skilled in Islamic finance and real estate development and presented to governmental agencies, clients and trade groups looking to do business in the region. He returned to Michigan energized by its growth and rebirth where his practice includes cybersecurity. Martella obtained a graduate degree from the University of Detroit-Mercy and was given the Richard H.L. Marshall award as the top student award in the department.

 Martella is active in the Detroit Institute of Arts and its fundraising and membership recruitment. He oversaw the special exhibit of "Samurai, Beyond the Sword" fundraising and gala opening dinner for 250 people.  He is part of the monthly group of Kemp Klein's attorney volunteers that provide pro-bono legal services to the Common Ground.

The information presented here was accurate as of January 1, 2016.