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Christopher "Teddy" Fitzmaurice, 32

Teddy's Ts and Buttons

Christopher "Teddy" FitzmauriceChristopher "Teddy" Fitzmaurice is a disability activist and entrepreneur. As president of Teddy's Ts and Buttons, he is passionate about recognizing that people with disabilities are able to contribute to the welfare of others. His business is a part of Disability Savvy, whose mission is to tear down barriers faced by people with disabilities. Fitzmaurice designed a T-shirt for the Michigan Democratic Disability Caucus "I Vote, Do You?" in honor of Justin Dart, a national disabilities activist who helped pass the American's with Disabilities Act. Fitzmaurice was Disability Savvy's right hand man for over 10 years. He was awarded the Stigma Buster award and honored by Oakland Community Mental Health Authority. He has received recognition from the Society for Disability Studies, Syracuse University - Disability Studies Department, the Disability Pride Parade (Chicago based), Community Living Service-Oakland County, Wayne County Community Mental Health Authority, among others honors.

The information presented here was accurate as of January 1, 2016.