Dr. Tate Truc Vo, 37

Dentate Smile DesignTate Truc Vo

In 2008, Tate Vo wanted to be a positive influence in Oakland County when she and her husband purchased a dental practice. They were determined to make exceptional dental care the No. 1 priority. Dentate Smile Design has been awarded 300 five star reviews for its excellent care and service, and has been awarded the "Talk of the Town" award every year since joining the community.
With a specialty in prosthodontics, Tate works first-hand with patients to help treat difficult dental issues, including misaligned teeth and missing teeth. A focus on early detection and prevention helps their patients' dental health.
Tate is the Rotary Liaison for Stoney Creek High School's Rotaract program, whose projects benefit the Grace Centers of Hope. Dentate Smile Design has also sponsored family friendly races to nurture and encourage healthy lifestyles in the community.


The information presented here was accurate as of January 2014.