Josh Kozlowski, 28

English TeacherJosh Kozlowski
Pontiac School District

It's no surprise that Josh has a passion for working with students. Before becoming an English teacher at International Technology Academy in Pontiac, Josh was youth coordinator for the Rochester Auburn Hills Community Coalition where he focused on student-led, community-focused drug prevention. This experience helped him to see the potential in youth.
Josh has joined administrators on conferences centered on progressive and technology-based teaching, and was asked to represent the ITA on the district's School Improvement and Instructional Leadership Teams. 
Josh is on the Career Experience Mentoring Council, where outside businesses meet with a team of teachers to discuss mentoring and career-focused partnerships and opportunities for students. He has helped shape students outside of the classroom through his affiliation with Kensington Community Church, which encourages student involvement with cross-country mission trips and mentoring opportunities.
The information presented here was accurate as of January 2014.