Chris Barnett, 36

Township SupervisorChris Barnett
Charter Township of Orion

Christopher is dedicated to serving the community with integrity and effectiveness. He has initiated several collaborative efforts with surrounding communities, streamlined the processes to help new and existing businesses, created Orion's first Youth Council and Homeowners Forums, and put particular emphasis on job creation and retention.
As supervisor and a resident, Christopher promotes Orion's residential growth through the use of community amenities. In 2013, the township launched the "747 Landing in Orion" campaign, which showcases the 747 residential units that were approved for construction in early 2013.
Christopher was elected in 2012 and is the township's youngest supervisor. He is vice-president of the Oakland County Chapter of the Michigan Township Association. In 2013, he was elected to the SEMCOG Executive Committee and the Orion Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
The information presented here was accurate as of January 2014.