Ziad Kassab, 29

Ziad Kassab 


At the young age of only ten years old, a car struck my younger brother.  The severity of his injuries forced me to grow up quickly.  Working in my father's supermarket since the age of seven allowed me to learn business at a young age, including customer service, inventory ordering, and I began writing my first checks to distributors before I turned 14.  When the store was sold, I began working in the family's medical equipment company as a delivery driver.  I excelled quickly because of my familiarity with the equipment due to my brother's injuries.  While doing that job, I quickly identified the need for quality and on-time non-emergency medical transportation.  At 19 years old, I decided to start ZCD Transportation to fill that need.  In three years and with a great team, we were able to build the company to do 40-70 transports per day employing nearly 50 people, with customer service that is second to none.  Once I was able to build the management processes in my team at ZCD, I allowed it to run itself and moved to spend time in the home health care company my father started in 1994.  Since 2005 and again with a great team, we have successfully been able to open over a dozen new locations in the company in six states and counting.
Current Position:
Today, I hold three major titles:  CEO of ZCD Transportation, Vice President of Guardian Angel Home Health Care and Founder/Chairman of the D-Man Foundation (Danny's Miracle Angel Network) a nonprofit committed to enhancing the lives of severely disabled patients.  With ZCD, we continue to improve on the company's service level, focus on attracting new customers and delivering high-level patient care.  With Guardian Angel, we strive everyday to work with the clinicians to provide a patient care model that truly goes above and beyond.  In addition, we work closely with the Medical Concierge team, a model I created to provide first-class customer service to our patients, their families and health care professionals nationwide.  Last and certainly not least, at the DMAN Foundation, we continue our mission to build a fully accessible Music Therapy studio to patients who suffer severe mental and physical disabilities.  The studio, utilizing advanced technology, permits those with the inability to use their limbs to create their own music and achieve clinical goals while doing it.
Charity/Community/Board Involvement:
I currently serve in the following community organizations:
Mayor's Business Council of Rochester Hills
Co-chair the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee
Member of Concerned Association of Patients and Providers (CAPP)
Member of Carnival of Care by the Careforward Foundation
Oakland County Involvement:
In addition to the over 200 jobs we provide in Oakland County, all of the family businesses and homes are located in the county.  We are currently building a music therapy studio in the county to serve the disadvantaged in our community.  I am also a part of the Mayor's Business Council of Rochester Hills where we share a network dedicated to community-centered economic growth.
Why vote for Ziad?:
Winning to me would equal dramatic exposure for our nonprofit with its truly amazing mission.  The coverage we will gain from this campaign will help us get closer to our goal of providing music therapy as well as promoting our assisted travel program such as the Dreams Come True on Woodward event, where we successfully transported four patients last year from their wheelchairs to convertibles to enjoy the Detroit muscle.  If I win, one thing I will be able to do is increase the number of people who get to enjoy this free event.
The information presented here was accurate as of January 2013.