Nicholas (Nick) Gorga, 36

Nicholas Gorga
I was raised in Troy and attended Country Day high school (1995).  I graduated with honors from Princeton University in 1999 with an English degree.  I went to Princeton as a baseball recruit.  When I ended my baseball career during my sophomore year, I became the head junior varsity baseball coach for Princeton High School for my last three years of college.  I moved home to attend University of Michigan Law School and graduated cum laude in 2002.  My wife Shanna and I then moved to Chicago where I took a job at the law firm Latham & Watkins.  We moved home in 2008 with our two children Ava (8) and Mason (5) and live in Birmingham.   


People asked me for many years why we decided to move back here in 2008 when things were so tough in this area.  I said it was for exactly that reason.  I love this area more than any place in the world and wanted to play a first-hand role in its revitalization.  I've learned over the past five years that Detroit presents an unparalleled opportunity for a young ambitious person to make your mark without having to "wait your turn." 

Current Position

Since moving home in 2008, I have been a partner at the law firm of Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn, LLP.  I am a commercial litigator, with a focus on defending companies and their directors and officers in business disputes, particularly class action lawsuits and securities-related lawsuits.  I feel privileged and humbled to work with an extremely talented group of lawyers representing some of the most prominent companies and individuals in Oakland County and the metro Detroit region as a whole.

I have also been privileged to serve as Honigman's recruiting partner for the last three years.  My job in that role is to identify the best and brightest law students and young attorneys from around the country and convince them that Southeastern Michigan, and Honigman specifically, is the best place for them to live and work.  Over these past three years, we have succeeded in hiring dozens of individuals who were choosing between returning home to Michigan or working at a major law firm in another major city.  We believe they chose wisely, and will do everything in our power to encourage them to give back and help continue the upward trajectory of this amazing region. 

Charity / Community / Board Involvement

I co-founded Hatch Detroit (, a charity that provides $50,000 and $50,000 in free services to the best independent retail plan in Detroit as voted on by the public.  We have run two contests and launched two businesses, one of which (Hugh) is already thriving in Midtown Detroit.  The other (La Feria) will open in spring 2013.  A number of Hatch alumni that did not win are open or in the process of opening thanks in part to the exposure from our contests.  We recently announced a fantastic partnership with the Detroit Lions to support existing retail in Detroit neighborhoods through our new Neighborhood Initiatives.  Hatch's mission is to shine a spotlight on the amazing retail ideas percolating in the region and to help spur revitalization in the hopes of attracting and retaining young residents.

I also serve on the board of trustees of the Detroit Historical Society, the Alumni Council of Detroit Country Day, the board of the Princeton Club of Michigan, and the board of Kiva Detroit, and am a member of the Collaborative Group in Birmingham.

Oakland County Involvement
My "Hatch life" allows me to work with grassroots entrepreneurs and community leaders doing amazing things in Detroit.  My professional life and home life allow me to interact with and be inspired by the terrific individuals and organizations in Birmingham and Oakland County.  I have spent the last two years trying to play my small part in bringing those groups together in meaningful and impactful ways for the benefit of our region.  When those worlds collide, as has been increasingly the case in the past couple years, everyone wins.

In addition to the Oakland County-based charities and alumni groups discussed above, I also currently serve on the membership committee for Birmingham Country Club, and recently completed the Inn of Court program for the Oakland County Bar Association, of which I am a member.
The information presented here was accurate as of January 2013.