Jason Teshuba, 37

Jason TeshubaBackground
Jason Teshuba is the CEO of Mango Languages, an online language-learning software company that focuses on teaching foreign languages and cultures as well as English as a second language.  A passionate student of language, Jason had always been frustrated by the deficiencies of the many language-learning systems that he had used. Thus, he founded this new company with a very noble goal: to revolutionize the way people learn languages. His vision was to make learning a new language as fun and as easy as learning one's own native language.  In addition to his enthusiasm for language learning, Jason is also passionate about entrepreneurship and has molded Mango Languages' success through his enthusiasm for entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. What's more, Jason also participates with many non-profit organizations and he serves as a board member for both Yad Ezra, a food pantry in Detroit, as well as for the National Museum of Language in Maryland.

After studying computer engineering at Michigan State University, Jason worked for Electronic Data Systems as a vehicle simulation software engineer. He developed software to run on GM and Daimler Chrysler vehicle simulators that saved his clients millions of dollars in annual expenses.
Following a life-long interest, Jason later founded an ecommerce language company in early 2004. Originally deemed a "side business," Jason's leadership and passion transformed the small company into an international operation by selling language educational programs to clients worldwide.  He sold that part of the business to fund the creation of Mango Languages in 2007.  From there, he transformed an original staff of four with zero dollars in revenue into a thriving office of over 52 employees and $6 million dollars in sales in less than four years.

Current Position
Besides doing my everyday job as a CEO, I firmly believe in enriching lives with language and culture by making Mango accessible to hundreds and thousands of people. I also greatly support furthering Mango employee education, which has improved Mango's culture. Many employees are already improving their teaching, business and technical skills, and by supporting these efforts, I truly value and respect my employees.  In return, Mango has been able to attract and retain some of Michigan's brightest talents.

Charity/Community/Board Involvement

Yad Ezra (2 years) - As a member of Yad Ezra, the organization distributed almost a million pound of food and house hold goods to families in need.

National Museum of Language in Maryland (1 year) - I helped them to build a better and sophisticate board of trustees and I'm helping them to create a vision for the museum.

Oakland County Involvement
My greatest contribution to Oakland County is the birth of Mango. My partners and I started the business in Farmington Hills in 2007 and have since created over 40 jobs. Additionally, our legal, finance, investor, and business partners all reside in Oakland County.

The information presented here was accurate as of January 2013.