Jason Peach, 38

Jason Peach
Current Position
I am a Physical Education teacher at Fraser High School in Fraser, MI. and the Inventor and President of Bedside Healers Inc. I've been teaching at Fraser High for the last 15 years.  I coached football and softball with some amazing head coaches for my first 10 years.  Once I decided to pursue my passion of starting the Bedside Healer company, I had to stop coaching and prioritize my time.  I still teach every day, and every day I love coming to work.  The kids put a smile on my face and keep me young.
Bedside Healers
My father became very sick in 2001 and ended up spending 6 months in the Hospital.
I remember on more than one occasion when my father's stuffed animal that my step-mother had given him had either been moved off his bed by a nurse or it had fallen on to the floor. I noticed my father was very distraught when his stuffed animal was missing.  If my father was reacting this way about his animal, I could only imagine that all the other patients were having the same problem. I wanted my dad to be able to have the animal on his bed rail so the only option was to come up with a solution. This is how Bedside Healers was born.

Bedside Healers has created 3 amazingly cuddly plush animals with a handy Velcro strap on the back that allows your Bedside Healer to attach to almost anything.   The Heart Nosed Puppy, the Golden Lab and the Black Bear are the first members of our family.  By simply having a Bedside Healer stuffed animal hanging on the hospital bed or wearing one on a wrist can be just enough to comfort anyone and remind them of the ones who love them.
Bedside Healers has provided me the opportunity to work with some great charities and organizations.  My involvement is either visiting facilities and donating Bedside Healer toys (over 500 to date) for kids or attending functions to support local philanthropic work.  We have worked with CS Mott Hospital, Detroit Childrens Hospital, ESA, Camp for Casey, New Days Camp for Kids, Cheers for Children (DMC), and the St Jude Foundation in the past 7 months that we have been in business.  We've started working with the Make A Wish foundation and the Lee Memorial Hospital Foundation of Fort Myers FL.  We will continue to expand our horizons and work with as many charities and "making a difference" organizations as we possibly can. 
Oakland County Involvement
Bedside Healers Inc. belongs to the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce and is looking to be come very involved in the upcoming year.  As a company, we were very excited to win this years (2012) Best New Company of the Year.  We were not expecting this great award and are looking forward to 2013!  We are planning to become involved in the Royal Oak Chamber as well.  We are always looking for ways to become more involved in the community and are striving to make a positive difference when at all possible.  Bedside Healers mission is to "Grow through Giving"!

The information presented here was accurate as of January 2013.