David Fuehrer, 36

David Fuehrer

David Fuehrer is an innovation specialist.  He has managed innovation and new product programs for Pfizer, General Electric, Dow Solar and many others.  Mr. Fuehrer has helped launch and grow products in Healthcare, Energy and Construction markets across North America, Europe and Asia.  He has an MBA in Technology Management and has completed Executive Education at Harvard in Building New Ventures and at MIT in Corporate Strategy. 

David is also a two-time cancer survivor who helps cancer patients find new treatment options. 
Current Position
David Fuehrer is Vice President and Co-Founder of cureLauncher.  cureLauncher solves the clinical trial enrollment problem.  It connects people to lifesaving medical treatments across the United States. 
Mr. Fuehrer creates strategic partnerships with organizations. These partnerships are focused on providing access to clinical trial resources and solving the clinical trial enrollment problem.  Some of the best medical treatment can be found in clinical trials.  cureLauncher is connecting people to leading medical treatments across the United States.
Charity/ Oakland County Involvement
David Fuehrer is a featured speaker and educator on the clinical trial enrollment process.  He leads educational sessions with Gilda's Club, Happy Chemo!, Stupid Cancer and other support communities.  David is helping to build awareness and empower people to find medical treatment options that are best for each unique situation.
David was a guest speaker on the Stupid Cancer Radio Program live from New York City. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stupidcancershow/2013/01/22/curelauncher-meals-to-heal

The information presented here was accurate as of January 2013.