Bob Waltenspiel, 39

Bob Waltenspiel
During the day, Bob Waltenspiel is a Channel Account Manager with Cisco Systems, prior, he was the Partner Business Manager for Hewlett-Packard.
Bob also co-founded an IT business networking organization Started in 2001, was founded as the "anti-group". In essence, it was born due to the lack of a solid networking group focused solely in and around the IT industry.

In 2008, the group re-focused its efforts and began to grow exponentially, thanks to co-founders and long-time IT industry veterans Dave Phillips and Jeff Mackey. The group was mainly focused on monthly gatherings in the industry, however when the recession hit, the group promoted the "Pink Slip Party" concept, whereas only unemployed people and hiring managers/recruiters could attend events. To date, over 400+ jobs have been filled utilizing the method of "being a face, not a file". With that, also took a stance in the "no worker left behind" initiatives, helping over 200+ people get retrained and certified to fill entry-level positions.

As of today, is 50 people shy of hitting 4,000 members on Linkedin and our site and popular blog titled, "Don't Be That Guy" is read by over 1,000 unique visitors a day. Bob and Dave are also regular presenters at MEDC's "Shifting Gears" program, teaching "The 10 Commandments of Networking". Throughout the 10+ years of, the group has never made a dime and prefers to stick to its grassroots origins.

Bob is also the President of the Auburn Elementary PTO and holds Board of Directors positions with the German-American Marksmanship Club and the Forester Square HOA.

In what he refers jokingly as his "free time", Bob has been a DJ for over 15 years in which he has done private parties while also moonlighting Saturday nights at the Post Bars and BlackFinn Saloon. Currently, he still DJs, however prefers to donate his time to benefits and fundraisers for such organizations as Angel Kisses, CECMD, and

Bob without a doubt lives life to the fullest, loves spending time with friends and family, enjoys a good beer, couldn't go on without laughter and witty banter, and loves to sing karaoke poorly from time to time.
He currently resides in Auburn Hills, Michigan with his lovely wife Bozena and two gorgeous daughters Gretchen and Magdalena.

The information presented here was accurate as of January 2013.