Ava Williams, 33

Ava Williams
As young child Ava R. Williams was an avid reader. Reading transported her far beyond her small backyard in Detroit, Michigan.  It introduced Ava to exotic locales and amazing people whose ideas and efforts changed the world.  Ava was inspired and grew up with a desire not only to explore the world but with a desire to make a positive and lasting difference.  As a result of this desire, Ava speaks five languages and has accumulated a plethora of international experience.  Ava has studied numerous times in Austria, Brazil, Estonia, France and Germany. Her undergraduate work was completed at the University of Notre Dame where she received a Bachelor's of Art in Political Science and German. Additionally, she received a diploma from l'Institut des Etudes Politiques et Sociales (Sciences-Po) as well as a Master's degree in Social Policy from the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES) in Vitoria, Brazil.

Ava R. Williams is a member of many honor societies and has received numerous prestigious awards and scholarships including a Fulbright and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. Her ability to translate theory into efficient and effective policies has resulted in the founding and implementation of nonprofit language, leadership and cultural programs for children in Detroit, Michigan and Espirito Santo, Brazil. Additionally she has applied for and received grants, worked with diverse populations, presented research, conducted business and published a variety of literary works both nationally and internationally in several foreign languages.

Ava R. Williams is deeply committed to affecting positive and lasting and change and currently serves on the Notre Dame Club of Detroit Board of Directors, the Professional Plaza Clinics Board of Directors and the Wayne State Center for Peace and Conflict Community Friends Committee. Ava's previous leadership activities also include: creating a scholarship fund in memory of community activist Rosalind Caldwell-Jones; leading an international campaign to find a bone marrow donor for Ludmila Albertasse, age 30, a journalist and social worker in Vitoria, Brazil;  implementing nonprofit programs and activities in Vitoria, Brazil and Detroit, Michigan; piloting, in 2008, the Future World Leaders Program, a language, leadership & cultural program, that combined the study of a foreign language with the exploration of complex local, national and global issues;  and collaborating with educational organizations and nonprofit entities to provide a series of workshops and seminars geared toward demystifying the process of applying to, attending and funding college  to adolescents throughout the Metropolitan Detroit and DC area, etc.

Ava R. Williams is an active member of the Oakland County community.  Ava is also the Executive Director and Founder of the PREMBEL Foundation  which she officially launched in 2013 and selected to locate in Oakland County.
The PREMBEL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in language, leadership and culture worldwide. The PREMBEL Foundation's mission is to empower ordinary citizens to become amazing active agents of local, national and global change through the acquisition of foreign language skills and opportunities to utilize those skills, build leadership capacity and impact change. The PREMBEL Foundation's Programs and Services include:  Foreign Language & ESL Courses; Cultural Programs And Special Events; Combined Foreign Language, Leadership And Cultural Programs; Supplementary Educational Services In The Area Of Foreign Language; Cultural Sensitivity And Cross Cultural Training; Volunteer Vacations; Local, National And International Service Opportunities; Leadership & Capacity Building Workshops; and Collaborative Programs With Existing Organizations

Ava is honored to be among the 2013 Elite 40 Under 40 and looks forward to connecting with dynamic individuals, groups and organizations. 
The information presented here was accurate as of January 2013.