Silvano Restiotto, 39

Silvano RestiottoIn his political work Rights of Man, patriot and political philosopher Thomas Paine (1737-1809) is credited for stating "My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." Like Paine, Silvano Restiotto considers himself as a "citizen of the world". Having lived and worked in culturally diverse countries such as Canada, the United States, China, and Germany, Silvano has capitalized on his vast international experience to establish lasting legacies.

Silvano's scholastic endeavors in International Business (St. Clair College), Industrial Management (Lawrence Technological University), and MBA (Lawrence Technological University) provided a strong foundation for his professional career. In each of the three companies in which Silvano held global positions, the systems he implemented continue to be utilized to benefit the growth and productivity of each company long after his departure. This can be attributed to his core team global approach, as Silvano firmly believes that focus should always be placed on the system rather than the individual. In addition to integrity and honesty, Silvano Restiotto values the importance of diversity in all facets of life as he encourages respect for individual differences and leverages the experiences and backgrounds of his team toward a common objective.
His respect for education and diversity is also evident in his most recent position at TI Automotive. As Global Quality Director of Corporate Quality, Silvano has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and is proving instrumental in forging a connection between business and schools. As a strong sponsor for effective intern involvement, Silvano fosters relationships that provide a strong foundation and experience for students, while simultaneously generating an environment where fresh ideas and innovation can be introduced into an organization.  Silvano also promotes the importance of a collaborative environment, as he is a strong advocate in the philosophy that more can be gained through group effort than individual undertakings.

However, there is more to Silvano Restiotto than professional and academic accomplishments, as he actively pursues a work-life balance with healthy physical activity. He enjoys playing soccer and golf, as well as running half marathons (an activity in which he motivates others to partake). While biased to Italian dining, his global experience has instilled an enjoyment of all types of ethnic cuisine, and his optimistic "glass half full" attitude is perfectly complimentary to his motivational ventures. 
Silvano Restiotto has recently returned to Lake Orion from a three year German delegation, and he anxiously anticipates getting involved locally. His extensive international experience and solid background in the automotive industry has impressed upon him that 'Life is an 8D"; in other words, his cultural awareness and collaborative approach to problem solving will be a welcome addition to the continued growth and development of the local community.  As a "citizen of the world", Silvano Restiotto is enthusiastically creating opportunities to establish lasting legacies.


The information presented here was accurate as of January 2012.