Chris Ygay

Chris YgayAs a serial entrepreneur, Chris Ygay has been in the "trenches" of small business for over 6 years. Chris has experienced both peaks and valleys in his business career. He has endured the pain of closing down a business. He has also grown his current company, Revitalize Day Spa to 30 employees and over 20,000 clients with no prior experience in the industry. This has given him a unique connection to the mind of the small business owner.

Other business interests has led him outside of the spa industry.  His company Blaze Business Solutions bridges the gap between experienced and novice entrepreneurs.  His mission is to use the stories and lessons of current entrepreneurs to teach and inspire those wishing to venture in small business.  Chris also owns businesses in the medical device, marketing/sales, organic body care and gourmet food arenas.

Chris currently resides in Troy, Michigan. You can find him speaking and teaching others about entrepreneurship in his trademark white Pumas.


The information presented here was accurate as of January 2012.