Land Use and Zoning
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Land Use and Zoning

​​​The mission of the Land Use and Zoning Program is to prepare and provide land use, zoning, and master plan information to and for Oakland County communities to enhance coordination of land use decision-making.
Oakland County is mandated under Michigan law to review all Master Plans and Master Plan amendments prior to adoption. The county also reviews township rezoning where the property abuts a community boundary or county-owned property.

Land Use and Zoning Services

Annual Land Use Inventory – Consists of preparation of a land use inventory for all 61 communities within Oakland County including the current land use numbers.

Composite Master Plan Map – We keep a county-wide composite master plan current by updating communities who have adopted a new master plan

Master Plan Review – We prepare reviews of all draft community master plans and amendments giving particular attention to coordination with neighboring communities as mandated under state law

Township Zoning Review – We prepare reviews of rezoning at the boundary of a township or rezoning that involve county property
Development Authority Map Inventory - We keep records of all current DDA, LDFA, CIA, TIFA, and BRA authority district boundaries.  Read more about Land Use and Zoning Services

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