One Stop Shop Business Center

​Dear Dear One Stop Shop Client,

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus health emergency, we are suspending our walk-in process until April 13, 2020 (subject to change). In order to continue to assist you in the process of starting your own business during this time, please take the following steps: 

  1. All mapping functions and property identification sheets can be obtained on Property Gateway. This is the same program that we use here in the office and is available to the public anywhere there is internet access.
  2. Any maps larger than 11” x 17” can be printed by us and mailed to you after your online purchase. These are usually completed within one business day.
  3. For any other questions, you can reach us at or (248) 858-0783. (You may need to leave a message, and someone will return your call).

Thank you for your understanding during this time. Please make sure that you are taking all precautions necessary to protect yourself from infection.  

  • Washing your hands often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, and help young children do the same. If soap and water are not available, use an alcoholbased hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or cough/sneeze in your upper sleeve. Immediately throw away used tissues in the trash, then wash hands. 
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. 
  • Staying home when sick except to get medical care.
  • Avoiding close contact, sharing cups, or sharing eating utensils.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, such as toys and doorknobs.
  • Practicing good health habits. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food. 

If you have any questions regarding the business consulting process, contact us at or (248) 858-0783. 

For questions regarding corona virus issues, you can find helpful tools and information from the Oakland County Health Department.

Please view our COVID-19 Response: Business Relief & Resources page for more information

We Hel​p Small Businesses Thrive Sign Up for Business Counseling

​​​​Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business or have been in business for years, the One-Stop Shop Business Center is here to help. 

Our staff of business counselors has over 100 years of combined small business experience and access to some of the most powerful market research, data analysis and business tools currently available. 

We'll Help You

Develop fe​asibility studies

Create realistic m​onth​ly cash flow projections

F​​ind appropriate level financing

Get clients

​​​​Grow revenue

Raise capital​​

​​Determine direction and plan

Build knowled​ge and skills

Define failsafe processes​​​​​​​​​​​

Find​​ talent

Improve marketing results

Manage time wisely​​

Refine business and marketing plans

​All businesses headquartered in Oakland county with fewer than 500 employees already qualify for free assistance from the One-Stop Shop Business Center. 

What are your challenges? Contact us today and learn how we can improve your business.

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Oakland County's One Stop Shop Business Center helped them grow from 8 to 40 employees, double their sales and helped them become more efficient.

Green Electrical Supply of Rochester Hills, MI.

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