Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

You may ask Oakland County for public records under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Visit the FOIA Request Center to access the public record portal to submit a FOIA request online.​

Many public records are already on Oakland County's website. You can access the following records directly: Vital Records (ex. birth, death, and marriage certificates), Legal Records, Property Records, and Accident/Crash Reports.
FOIA does not cover all records in the possession of a government. For example, court records may not be obtained through FOIA.​ Please contact Courts for further information.
You will not be able to obtain public records of the Oakland County Prosecutor or the Water Resources Commissioner through this public portal. They will not be able to be provide you records from other County departments. Please contact those two County departments directly for public records in their possession:

Water Resources Commissioner

Megan Koss, FOIA Coordinator

Office: 248-496-5587


Thomas Grden​

Office: 248-858-0656

If you are unable to submit a FOIA request online, you may contact Corporation Counsel by Fax: 248-858-1003.

For more information, please see:​

​In addition to filing a FOIA request, you may also directly access the following records:​