Campaign Finance Reporting System

Campaign Finance Reporting System

Campaign Finance reports filed with the Oakland County Elections Division can be viewed and printed online for local, school and countywide candidates as well as political action, independent, and ballot question committees.


The Campaign Finance search allows you to:

  • Search campaign finance documents for political committees
  • Determine who is donating money to political candidates or committees and the amount of those contributions
  • Print campaign finance records from your own computer

Important Campaign Finance Requirements

Several bills recently signed into law by the Governor have made significant changes to the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. These changes impact the reporting requirements of Candidate Committees and Political Action Committees. In addition to the pre-election, post-election and annual campaign statements, Candidate Committee and PACs registered on the local level must file two additional quarterly campaign statements in July and October as follows:

  • Candidate Committee - calendar year in which the candidate is not on the ballot.
  • PAC - calendar year in which the committee is not supporting/opposing candidates. 
Upcoming Filing Deadlines

*October Quarterly Due: October 26, 2015;
books close on October 20, 2015
(October Quarterly is waived if Pre Election for November General is filed)

November 3, 2015 Election
Pre Election Campaign Statement Due: October 23, 2015; books close on October 18, 2015
Post Election Campaign Statement Due:  December 3, 2015; books close on November 23, 2015
Later Contribution Reports period: October 19th - October 31st
Due 48 hours after receipt

**2015 Annual Statement due: February 1, 2016,
books close on December 31, 2015

March 8, 2016 Election
Pre Election Campaign Statement Due: February 26, 2016; books close on February 21, 2016
Post Election Campaign Statement Due:  April 7, 2016; books close on March 28, 201
Late Contribution Reports period: February 22nd - March 5th
Due 48 hours after receipt

*Quarterly Campaign Statements are owed by candidates, local PACs and political party committees that do not support or oppose a candidate who appears on the ballot in the calendar year.

**An Annual Campaign Statement is not required of a committee that has the Reporting Waiver; a committee that files a Post-Election Campaign Statement during December; or an officer whose salary is less than $100.00 a month.

Statements due by 5:00 p.m.

Additional Resources

Campaign Finance Late Fee Credit Card Payment Form

Visit the State of Michigan's website for additional candidate information and useful forms.

For federal campaign finance disclosure visit the Federal Election Commission.