Oakland County International Airport: Pilot Information
Oakland County, MichiganAirportOakland County International Airport: Pilot Information

Oakland County International Airport: Pilot Information

The airport is at 6500 Highland Road. Please note that Highland Road is also called Huron Street in Pontiac. Its state road designation is M-59.
Landing Fee Schedule


General Info

SARL Certificated under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 139 FAA Class IV Airspace (when tower open 0600-2400; other times Class G)
  • Elevation 980 feet
  • Latitude:  42-39.91 N
  • Longitude:  83-25.12 W
  • Magnetic Deviation:  6.2 W
  • Runway 9R/27L (6520' x 150')
  • Runway 9L/27R (5675' x 100')
  • Runway 18/36 (2585' x 75') 650' displaced threshold when landing on 18
  • Landing Fees (aircraft greater than 12,500 lbs.):  landing fee rates
  • Prior notification required for aircraft over 30 seats and aircraft weighing over 60,000 lbs. maximum gross takeoff weight
  • User Fee U.S. Customs Service 7 AM - 8 PM Monday-Friday; provide 3-hours advance notice on all clearances: 
  • User Fee Customs rates

Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE)

The ground run-up enclosure (GRE) at Oakland County International Airport, will reduce noise from engine run-ups by 15 dB, or 75 percent.  The $3.5 million structure also is the first of its kind at a general aviation (GA) facility in the United States.
The three-sided, open air structure, faces west across one mile of airport property.  This orientation allows for positive air flow during engine run-ups while reducing noise on the other three sides.
The designer, Blast Deflectors, Inc. of Reno, Nevada, employed absorbent barrier technology. Whatever sound energy is not absorbed and dissipated by the six-inch, fiberglass-filled acoustic panels is deflected upward. The panels are designed specifically to absorb low-frequency sounds.

Lighting and Approach Aids

Rotating Beacon, REIL, MIRL, HIRL, VASI, MALSR
To Activate MALSR: 120.5 - 7 CLICKS


ATIS: 125.025
Clearance Delivery: 118.25
Detroit Approach: 127.5
Ground: 121.9/121.65
ILS: 111.1
MALSR: 120.5
Tower: 120.5 / 123.7
Unicom: 122.95
VOR: 111.0