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 Recently Completed Projects
  • Farmington Hills 2012 Water Supply Improvements - Overview - Water Tower Photo
  • City of Farmington Hills Illicit Discharge Elimination Project
  • Caddell Drain Erosion Repair - Overview  
  • Bloomfield Township CSO Drain Sewer Rehabilitation Project - Overview
  • Evergreen-Farmington Sewage Disposal System Evergreen Interceptor Emergency Repair - Overview
  • Evergreen-Farmington Sewage Disposal System Farmington Interceptor Relief Sewer & 8 Mile Pump Station Improvements - SRF Project Plan  
  • City of Pontiac - Wastewater Treatment Plant System Improvements - Phase II  - Overview 
  • Evergreen-Farmington Sewage Disposal System and Clinton-Oakland Sewage Disposal System Rehabilitation Project - Project Overview