Bloomfield Township - EFSDS Wabeek Country Club Sanitary Sewer Repair

This project will consist of the construction of approximately 460 lineal feet of 18” diameter sanitary sewer to replace an existing failing sewer located within Wabeek Country Club golf course, located in Section 18, Bloomfield Township. Glenn R. Appel, P.E., Assistant Chief Engineer and Eugene R. Snowden, Jr., P.E., Project Engineer, are the Water Resources Office engineers assigned to the project. The project was also designed by Glenn R. Appel, P.E. with plans and specifications prepared by Water Resources office staff. The estimate of project cost is $223,580. A public bid opening was held on September 27, 2011, and Superior Excavating of Auburn Hills was low bidder at a construction cost of $122,666.50.  The project will be financed with local funds.