Farmington Hills 2012 Water Supply Improvements Project Overview

The City of Farmington Hills recently completed a Water Sustainability Plan. The study determined that the construction of a 3.0 MG elevated storage tank would allow the city to become a DWSD maximum day customer and result in significant cost savings for the water system rate. Bids for the first phase of the project, consisting of the elevated tank, were received on June 20, 2012 and the construction contract was awarded to Landmark Structures, L.P. of Fort Worth, Texas for their low bid amount of $4,915,000. Construction on the elevated tank began in the fall of 2012 and is scheduled to be completed by June 2014.

The second phase of the project will include the construction of three new control valve (PRV) vaults, modifications to three existing control valve vaults, and the construction of approximately 2,800 l.f. of 20” dia. water main.  Glenn R. Appel, P.E., Chief Engineer and Tom Maxwell, P.E., are the WRC engineers assigned to the project. The total estimated project cost is $16,900,000 and will be financed by the sale of bonds.