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Oakland County offers several opportunities for community involvement. Our latest initiative is the NetVolunteers Program, where you can apply to volunteer to participate as a moderator, commenter, blog author, event reporter, or more for one of Oakland County's social media sites.

NetVolunteers is a community outreach program designed to promote accurate and up-to-date information about Oakland County in social media, as well as to assist in the growth of social networking as a viable community-building tool. The program enlists the help of community members on a volunteer basis who conduct various online activities including researching, writing/sharing their opinions, taking/uploading photos or video, moderating online discussions, managing blogs, and helping to facilitate online community-building around specific topics. 

Through this program, NetVolunteers help the community by building a bridge between government and the people it serves, while creating a network of information and support beyond government to help each another.

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