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Infant Safety:

Child Safety:

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  • Don't let your child wear clothing with his or her name on it. A child will tend to pay attention to anyone calling him or her by name.
  • Videotape and take photos of your child two or three times per year, including profile shots.
  • Do not leave a child unattended while shopping, visiting with neighbors or friends, or running errands. Under no circumstances should you leave a child alone in a car or truck.
  • Make sure your child always checks with you before going anywhere with anyone.
  • Make sure your child learns his or her address and phone number at an early age. A second phone number of a friend or relative is also helpful.
  • Teach your child how to make a collect phone call, and to begin with "Operator...I'm in trouble; I need your help." 
  • If your child is a latch-key kid, make sure that he or she knows to keep all doors and windows locked, never let anyone know that he or she is alone, and never let anyone in the house, not even someone claiming to be a police officer or from the fire department. Those kinds of professionals know to forcibly enter in case of an emergency.
  • Have your child fingerprinted.
  • Know whether your child is left or right handed.
  • Keep a written record of all birthmarks, scars and identifying features, like moles or freckles.