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Crime Scene Investigation (Forensic Science Laboratory)

Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Investigative and Forensic Services Division

Crime LabThe Forensic Science Laboratory provides professional forensic analysis of physical evidence on a 24 hour, seven-day a week basis. To assist in making this possible, the laboratory operates a mobile crime laboratory that will respond to any crime scene, civil disorder, drowning and collect and tag evidence, photograph or video tape crime scenes and remove the evidence to be analyzed.

Routine analysis performed by the Laboratory include:

  • forensic crime scene photography
  • fingerprints
  • latent fingerprints
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System operations
  • physical matches
  • composites
  • narcotic and dangerous drug determinations
  • expert testimony on blood spattered interpretation

The Sheriff’s Laboratory provides crime scene analysis to any requesting agency in the county.  We continually strive to meet customer’s requirements for testing services that are appropriate, accurate and timely.  To that end, laboratory testing sections have developed action plans to address customer expectations.  In the Drug Chemistry Section, state-of-the-art instrumentation was installed to provide faster testing capabilities of prescription drugs and illegal substances.  They have provided a quick response to customer needs by applying testing protocols for new drug substances like synthetic marijuana and developing processing plans in advance of medical marijuana. 

The Latent Print Section has aggressively applied the County’s AFIS database for unsolved latent print evidence producing higher identification ratios to case submissions, particularly in the area of palm print identifications. 

Our Firearms Section is responding to customer requests for timely examinations with continually advancing the competency of analysts which has effectively impacted case turn-a-round times. 

Additionally, laboratory specialty teams have developed comprehensive crime scene training programs uniquely tailored to local agencies to assist them in dealing with staffing shortages.

The Sheriff's Forensic Science capabilities will soon be expanded to include DNA testing at its newly constructed DNA laboratory.