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Dog with FamilyWe do look for families to foster pets that need special training, health care or are too young.  Our busiest time is in the summer, when we get many kittens in that need foster homes to care for them until they are able to be vetted for adoption (usually around 8 weeks old). Once they have their vaccines and are spay/neutered, we put them up for adoption.  If you find a home for the pet that is OK, but the new owners will still need to pay the adoption fee. 

For more information regarding fostering please review our frequently asked questions below:


 Fostering Frequently Asked Questions

expand What is fostering?
expand Why do you need foster homes?
expand What would I be expected to do as a foster parent?
expand Can I handle them?
expand Would I be responsible for finding the animal a permanent home?
expand Can I, or a friend, adopt it?
expand What if I need to go out of town?
expand What if I already have pets of my own?
expand How long would I keep the animal?
expand Would I be responsible for my foster animal's vet expenses?
expand Would I be responsible for my foster animal’s food and litter?
expand How do I become a foster "parent"?

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