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Dog PlayingStart the trend and become a Fitness Unleashed Ambassador in your work place! Local businesses spend their lunch break walking dogs & socializing cats! For more information, please call Kara Clark at (248)391-6286 or e-mail

Having a pet can help you live an active, healthy lifestyle!
Oakland County is a great place to live, work and play! Develop a healthy lifestyle by adopting a shelter pet!
It’s a proven fact: dog owners are more likely to be physically active and less obese. Getting 30 minutes of activity every day is a substantial way to prevent heart disease, and pet owners have significantly lower risks of cardiac conditions. Taking your dog for walks also strengthens your bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis because it is a weight bearing exercise. Make your dog your work out buddy and you both reap the benefits!
Something To Purr About!
Cats offer many benefits to health and wellness, aside from being cute and cuddly! Owning a cat can lower your risk of stroke by 30%! Owning a pet also naturally lowers your stress and blood pressure levels.

Just 15 minutes with your pet will cause physical changes in your brain to reduce levels of cortisol (a hormone that causes many cardiac problem, produced from stress).
Give a rescue pet a home - it’s good for you! 
Other ways you can help:
Donate to the Center
Become a volunteer!