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Patterson to Present Budget Recommendation to Board of Commissioners

Public Date: 6/29/2011 12:00 AM
Contact: Bill Mullan, Media and Communications Officer
Phone Number: 248-858-1048

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson will deliver his budget message for Fiscal Years 2012, 2013 and 2014 to the Board of Commissioners. Patterson will address how changes in Lansing may impact his budget recommendation. He also will focus on how a slowly-recovering economy combined with plateauing declines in property tax revenues will affect the county's general fund in the coming years. In addition, the county executive will cover how economic diversification programs and long-term fiscal planning along with cooperation from countywide elected officials and employees have enabled Oakland County to emerge in strong financial health and retain its coveted AAA bond rating all while addressing the impacts of the worst economy since the Great Depression.
7:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 6, 2011.
Where: The Board of Commissioners Auditorium,
1200 North Telegraph, Pontiac, Michigan.

For further information, please contact Bill Mullan, Oakland County Media and Communications Officer,
at (248) 858-1048.