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 Conservation Stewards Program participants
MSU Extension-Oakland provides learning experiences about taking care of the water, soil and plants that represent the quality of life in Oakland County.  We offer workshops, seminars and classes on lakescaping and maintaining an environmentally friendly yard.  The Conservation Stewards Program provides opportunities for learning and volunteering.

MSU Extension-Oakland County offers a variety of resources, educational programs, services, and volunteer training programs in natural resource and ecosystem management, agriculture, conservation, and environmental stewardship.

MSU Extension-Oakland offers the following programs, resources and services related to natural resources:


Oil and Gas Leasing

There is a lot of discussion about Michigan’s oil and natural gas potential. Click here to be directed to an informative web page designed by MSU Extension to help landowners and local officials learn more about oil and gas leasing, the issues related to natural gas exploration and sources of information.
Environmental protection for the landowner begins with the terms and conditions written into the oil and gas lease.  Additional lease terms can be negotiated to align the lease with the landowner’s economic and environmental goals. Included on the MSU Extension web page is a link to Frac Focus, a cooperative effort between the Groundwater Protection Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission that provides information about the hydraulic fracturing process, the chemicals used and each well that hydraulic fracturing has been used. 
The Department of Environmental Quality Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals regulate the oil and gas industry in Michigan under the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act Part 615.  If you have questions regarding how the industry is regulated please contact them
The regulations the oil and gas industry operates under are titled “Michigan’s Oil and Gas Regulations” and are in book form and also available to the public on their web page at Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals. These regulations spell out the requirements that the industry must follow regarding all aspects of oil and gas production including the well permitting process, spacing of wells, completion (rules involving fracturing), disposal of waste and plugging of wells no longer operable.  DEQ also has a question and answer document that may be helpful.
The Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals recently proposed additional regulations regarding hydraulic fracturing to be added to the existing regulations.  These have been in use by the oil and gas producers under “Supervisor of Wells Instruction 1-2011 High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Well Completions”, but were not officially codified, which is the process taking place now (winter 2013-14). 
An interesting and informative radio interview with Craig Talley, MSU Extension Farm Management Educator, about oil and gas leasing took place on The Craig Fahle Show, 101.9 FM, WDET.  The original air date was November 20, 2012, 11:30 am.



Impacts We've Made in Oakland County

2013 Conservation Stewards Program Annual Report

For further information, please contact MSU Extension-Oakland County, 248-858-0887.


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