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Frequently Discussed Topics

Following are publications that answer the most frequently asked questions the Plant & Pest Hotline staff receive this time of the year. Please call or contact us with your questions at 248-858-0902.  See our hours.

Garden seed catalogs
January-February Landscape Guide

Box Elder Bugs (OC0142)

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Causes of Bark Splitting on Trees (OC0476)

Fall-Winter Houseplant Care

Garden Planning

Kitchen Moths

Oak Wilt in Michigan (E2764)

Overwintering Home Invading Pests (OC0351)

Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs (Purdue HO4W)

Salt Injury to Landscape Plants (OC0352)

Salt-Tolerant Plant List (OC0257)

Snow Fleas

These Ladybugs are Driving Me Crazy! (OC0488)

Tree Wound Dressings are Cosmetic (OC0251)

Western Conifer Seed Bug (OC0424)

Winter Injury of Ornamentals (BP2W)

Winter Protection of Plant Material (OC0246)


Seasonal Resource for Current Conditions and Plant/Pest Problems

An excellent resource for current conditions and plant/pest problems is the MSU Extension News web site, written by MSU faculty and MSU Extension staff.  These seasonal electronic articles offer Lawn & Garden pest management advice regarding a variety of topic areas such as Community Gardening, Composting & Recycling, Home Gardening, Landscaping, Pest Management, Turf, and Water Usage.  You can subscribe to various topics and have updates to their web site sent to you automatically.

Food donation fact sheet available from MSU Extension’s Michigan Fresh

Hungry people need good food – and gardeners can provide safe, nutritious food to those who might otherwise go without. Learn how community gardeners can donate extra produce to food pantries with Michigan State University Extension fact sheet “Fresh Produce Donation Guidelines for Gardeners.”  This fact sheet includes recommended ways to handle and prepare the produce, information about the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, and more.  
Fact sheets – on topics from apples to winter squash – are also available on the Michigan Fresh website at


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