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Managing a shorelineThe following publications are available by following the hyperlinks below, in our office, via e-mail or may be ordered through the MSU Extension Bookstore.  Please let us know if you have any problem opening or downloading these publications.

Publications marked with an asterisk (*) are available only through the Oakland County office of MSU Extension. 

Aquatic Plants and Exotics
Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control (MSU Extension)
Aquatic Plant Management: Identifying & Managing Aquatic Vegetation (Purdue University, APM-3-W)
Bio-Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil: A Review of the Native Weevil (WQ0061) ($1.50)
Common Aquatic Plants of Michigan (EQC2761)
Considering Aquatic Ecosystems: The basis for Michigan's new Water Withdrawal Assessment Process (WQ0060)
A Field Guide for Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats of Michigan (Michigan Natural Features Inventory)
A Field Identification Guide to Invasive Plants in Michigan's Natural Communities (Michigan Natural Features Inventory)
Guide to the Identification, Mapping and Management of Aquatic Plants of Michigan (WQ0055)
Integrated Pest Management for Nuisance Exotics in Michigan Inland Lakes (WQ0056)
Management of Aquatic Plants (OC0490)
A Michigan Boater's Guide to Selected Invasive Aquatic Plants (E3189) ($10.00)
Nuisance Aquatic Plant Control (Michigan DEQ)
Phragmites (common reed)


Drinking Water
Nitrate - A Drinking Water Concern (WQ0019)
Plugging Abandoned Wells (WQ0040) ($1.00)


Lakes, Ponds & Wetlands
Does this shoreline restoration require a permit? (OC0675)
A Field Guide for Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats of Michigan (Michigan Natural Features Inventory)
Great Lakes Wetlands: A Field Guide (E2756)
Home*A*Syst: Managing Shoreline Property to Protect Water Quality (WQ0052)
Lakescaping: Answers to Homeowner Questions About Lakescaping (OC0674)
Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality (WQ0057) ($29.95)
Landscaping for Water Quality (OC0676)
Living with Michigan's Wetlands: A Homeowner's Guide (OC0524)
Maintaining Waterfront Turf to Preserve Water Quality (E0011TURF)
Managing Michigan Ponds for Sport Fishing (E1554) ($4.00)
Phragmites (common reed)
Ponds - Planning, Design, Construction (OC0447) 
Pond Management - Frequently Asked Questions (OC0672)
Protect Your Great Lakes Shoreline Home From Wildfires (E3203)
Protecting Michigan's Vanishing Native Shoreline (OC0673)
Protecting Wetlands Along the Great Lakes Shoreline (E2751)
Rebuilding an Eroding Bank on an Inland Lake: A Comparison of Traditional & Prefabricated Encapsulated Soil Lifts (E3198)
Smart Lakefront Plants (CH0003)
Smart Soils: What You Can Do to Reduce Phosphorus? (CH0006)

Water Garden Care (OC0712) *
What can you do to be "phosphorus smart"? (E3135)


Water Resources
Groundwater: Everybody's Resource, Everybody's Responsibility (WQ0054)
Home*A*Syst Home Assessment System (WQ0051)
Lawn*A*Syst: An environmental risk assessment for lawn care practices (WQ0053)
What is Groundwater?  (WQ0035)


Fertilizing Home Lawns to Preserve Water Quality (E0005TURF)
Irrigation Practices to Preserve Water Quality (E0009TURF)
Managing Yard Waste to Preserve Water Quality (E0012TURF)
Septic System Management (WQ0039)


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