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The following publications are available by following the hyperlinks below, in our office, or via e-mail.  Please let us know if you have any problem opening or downloading these publications.
Bulletins and soil test kit self-mailers are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore
Publications marked with an asterisk (*) are available only through the Oakland County office of MSU Extension. 

garden soil

 Advanced Soil Organic Matter Management (E3137)
*Backyard Composting (OC0305)
*Building Healthy Soils to Grow Healthy Plants (OC0407)
 Building Soil for Organic and Sustainable Farms: Where to Start? (E3144)
*Cold Passive Composting (OC0353)
*Coping with Grass Clippings(OC0308)
*Dealing with Soil Compaction (OC0528) 
 Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
 Facts About Soil Acidity and Lime (E1566)
*Home Composting (OC0309) 
*Hydroponics-Sources of Information on Hydroponics Soilless Culture-Nutriculture (OC0292)
*Mulching Tree Leaves into Lawns (OC0337)
*Toxic Mulch Damage (OC0335)
*Using Black Plastic Mulch (OC0298)
*Using Mulches Around the Home (OC0160)
*Worm Composting (OC0355)


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