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Plants & Landscape Publications

poison ivy

The following publications are available by following the hyperlinks below, in our office, or via e-mail.  Please let us know if you have any problem opening or downloading these publications.
Many bulletins are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore
Publications marked with an asterisk (*) are available only through the Oakland County office of MSU Extension.

A Guide for the Selection & Use of Plants in the Landscape (E2941) 
Abiotic Plant Disorders: Symptoms, Signs & Solutions (E2996)
Clover Diseases (E1691) 
Clover Diseases II (E1692)
"Deer-Resistant" Plants for Homeowners (E3042) 
Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
Don't Pick Poison When Gathering Mushrooms (E2777)
Fertilizer Basics for the Smart Gardener (CH0001)
Fertilizing Garden & Landscape Plants & Lawns (NCR0356)
Giant Hogweed (E2935) 
Green Manure Cover Crops (OC0300) *
Ground Cover for Michigan (OC0250) *
Growing Herbs in the Home Garden (OC0230) *
Horsetail (Equisetum) (WS29W)
Organic Fertilizers (OC0288) *
Plant Propagation for Home Gardeners (OC0225) *
Poinsettias: Care of House and Garden Plants (E2243) 
Poison Ivy: Identification, Prevention, Treatment & Control (E2946)
Poisonous Plants (OC0417) *
Powdery Mildew (OC0247) *
Proper Seed Sampling Techniques (E0807) 
Salt Injury to Landscape Plants (OC0352) *
Salt-Tolerant Plant List (OC0257) *
Selecting Healthy Garden Transplants Pay Big Dividends (E3175)
Selecting Plants for Extensive Green Roofs (E3047)
Wildfire Resistant Landscape Plants for Michigan (E2948) 


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