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The following publications are available by following the hyperlinks below, in our office, or via e-mail.  Please let us know if you have any problem opening or downloading these publications.

Many bulletins are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore
Publications marked with an asterisk (*) are available only through the Oakland County office of MSU Extension.


grub damage on lawnLawn-Diseases

 Anthracnose (BP-108-W) 
 Brown Patch (BP-106-W) 
 Dollar Spot (BP-105-W) 
 Fairy Ring (BP-113-W) (file size 391k)
 Gray Leaf Spot (BP-107-W) 
 Gray Snow Mold (BP-101-W) 
 Leaf Rust (BP-110-W) 
 Leaf Spot/Melting Out (BP-103-W) 
 Necrotic Ring Spot (BP-116-W) 
       Pink Patch (OSU)
 Pink Snow Mold & Microdochium Patch (BP-102-W) 
 Powdery Mildew (BP-111-W) 
 Pythium Blight (BP-109-W) 
 Red Thread (BP-104-W) 
 Rhizoctonia Large Patch (BP-117-W) 
 Seasonal Activity of Turfgrass Pathogens (BP-125-W) 
 Slime Molds (BP-112-W) 
 Smut Diseases (BP-119-W) 
 Summer Patch (BP-115-W)
 Take All Patch (BP-114-W) 
 Turfgrass Diseases (OC0390) 
 Yellow Patch (BP-118-W) 

lawn mowerLawn-General

 Choosing a Lawn Care Company (E2771) 
 Cultivation of Lawns (E0003TURF) 
 Don't Guess ... Soil Test (E3192)
*Establishing a New Lawn Using Seed (E2910)
*Establishing a New Lawn Using Sod (E2911) 
Fertilizer Basics for the Smart Gardener (CH0001)
 Fertilizing Home Lawns to Preserve Water Quality (E0005TURF)
        Flooding of Turf (E0020TURF)
*Grass: Quick Tips for Homeowners (OC0425) 
*Grasses for Michigan Lawns (OC0172)  
  Irrigation Practices to Preserve Water Quality (E0009TURF) 
 *Lawns in Shade (OC0183) (file size 235k)
  Maintaining Waterfront Turf to Preserve Water Quality (E0011TURF) 
  Managing Yard Waste to Preserve Water Quality (E0012TURF)
 *Moss, Algae, and Slime Mold in Lawns (OC0177) 
  Mow High for Weed and Grub Control (CH0004)
  Mowing Lawn Turf (E0013TURF) 
 Mulch Leaves into Turf for a Smart Lawn (CH0005)
  Optimizing Cultural Practices to Improve Athletic Field Performance (E0018TURF) 
  Phosphorus and Home Lawns (E0021TURF) 
  Purchasing Quality Turfgrass Seed (E0014TURF) 
 Smart Soils: What You Can Do to Reduce Phosphorus (CH0006)
  Smart Watering for Lawns (CH0007)

  Summer Lawn Care (E3180)
*Thatch in Lawns (OC0190) 
*Topsoil for Turf & Landscape Use (OC0164) 
Turfgrass Species & Cultivar Selection (E2912) 
*Watering Lawns (OC0193) 
        Winterkill of Turfgrass (E0019TURF)
*Working with Wet Areas in the Landscape (OC0165) 
*Zoysiagrass (OC0191) 


Lawn-Insects & Pests

  Bluegrass Billbug (E2497)
  European Chafer (E0022TURF)
  Hairy Chinch Bug (E2496) 
        Home Lawn Grub Control Products (E0024TURF)
*Integrated Pest Management for Home Lawns (OC0427)
  Japanese Beetle (E0010TURF) 
  Sod Webworm (E2498) 
*Turf Pests (OC0389) 
  White Grubs (E2499)



Michigan State University provides an excellent lawn weed identification and control resource at MSU Turf Weeds.  This web site offers a step-by-step guide to identifying lawn weeds as well as their management and control. 
Crabgrass Control in Home Lawns (E0002TURF) 

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